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Sjamanic Rituals

Working with the psyche

Shamanic rituals are hard to define for the Western thinking man. These rituals were practiced by the native people of both North America and south America and honour the sacredness of the earth, the people and the animals. These Indian tribes experience God in all that lives and they experience a link between all events and search for the wisdom of the divine as they interpret them.

The rituals they use are focussed on healing the soul and they call on the help of spirit guides to do their healing work. They might call upon the spirit of the Eagle for insight and clear viewing, the spirit of the ancestors to learn more about the past and karmic entanglements or the spirit of lightening for strength and illumination. To contact these spirits they bring themselves into a trance using a drum or a rattle.

On a practical level they return parts of your spirit that have been lost in a trauma and remove negative energy that is stuck due to a traumatic event and that is preventing you to fully heal.


As a Shamanic practitioner I have over 15 years of experience in performing these rituals and I’m able to bring you healing and insights by performing a Shamanic ritual.

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