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Family Constellations

Systemic Coaching


Family constellations are based on the systemic principle founded by Bert Hellinger. It entails the scientific approach of families in which an overview of the whole family is maintained via a physical constellation of each individual family member. Each family member has their own place within the system, in which all members are dependent on each other and continually, often unknowingly, influence each other. You do a constellation to get insights into your position within the system and the role you play within it. As a rule, it will also provide valuable information about the roles of the other family members. In a Family-constellation strangers are constellated in a space to represent the individual family members.


At the basis of every constellation lies the desire that you have as a client, it is this desire that drives the constellation and contributes to the journey towards healing and insight. Over the years many other methods have been developed to constellate your desire. Take for instance a constellation of the individual words of your desire, your desire as a representative, a constellation of your inner children or even a constellation of your goals in present time and its development in the future, the possibilities are endless.


A physical constellation can be made with figurines, floor-anchors or representatives. In a first 1 on 1 session, we start off by drawing your genealogy chart to establish a clear overview of the system that you were born into. In the second appointment we do the constellation of your desire.


In Systemic Coaching we look at all the different systems that you are a part of (work, partner, friendship groups) and see what roles you play in each system. This gives you valuable insight into who you are as a person in this moment and were you need to make changes in order to become the person you want to be. 


Whether you want to do a Family Constellation or a Systemic Coaching trail; each one will help you get insights into the hidden dynamics that are blocking you from moving forward in an authentic and healthy way.

If you want to know more about Systemic Coaching and Family Constellations, I invite you to fill in the contact form or join one of my workshops or to book an appointment for a 1 on 1 session by using the button below.

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