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Feedback from clients

If you are looking for a deeper awareness and understanding of yourself, I highly recommend Nelleke Nederveen and the work she does with family constellations. The work I did with Nell in just one session and being present in a couple of constellations as a participant has been the most insighful, powerful yet gentle and loving expereince in the journey of knowing thyself.


Emma Saunders

Nell is an absolute legend in Systemic Constellations, a wat of understanding and unraveling the tangles of past personal, professional, family and relationship trauma.


I had the gracious gift of expereincing a systemic constellation workshop a while back. and quite frankly it was both deeply healing, and quite loterally mind blowing in how it works.


Darran Hughes

Nell is a coach who supports you in a loving and gentle way to get to the heart of what you truly want to achieve! She speaks from a place of honesty rooted in her personal experience. 


I would recommend Nell as a coach who inspires, nurtures, supports and instills belief in you that anything is possible.


She really is one of the best out there.

Kasa Ann Jamieson

After working with Nell in different challenges my life is much better than it was because I no longer have those challenges. 
Nell helped me to release the trauma that I had stored in my body when I had a car accident 14 years ago and now I am able to drive anywhere I want without that anxiety that I had before. 
Also, the dislexia that I had has reduced quite a lot and I've been able to do tasks at work without the mistakes that I would have done in the past. 
I also feel more confident at work and my relationship with my mum has improved a lot more than what I thought was possible because I thought it was already great but now I can see what I could not see before. 

These are direct results from the therapies that I've had myself as a client but I must say that being a representant or even just watching other clients' constellations have been massively transformational too as for example when I saw a lady representing a cold distant mother that had gone through a lot of pain and as a consequence of that could not be "a better mum". This made me not only understand but also feel a lot of love for my mum when in the past I judged her a lot and demanded a lot of things that she could not give me as a child from the position where she was and the resources that she had at the time. This caused such an internal movement within myself that has paid off not only in my personal life but also in my professional life. 

Don't wait! Trust the process, trust Nell, don't question it, just take that leap of faith and let Nell, the field and your body guide you towards your dreams, goals and that future version of yourself that has and does what you want!💫

If you want a coach who can help you through those challenges that life sends you, who is empathetic (she has had first-hand experience of what life can throw at you); a caring and loving approach that encourages you to look within yourself for your inner strength to make the changes you know you should make.


Then look no further, as Nell can offer you this and more. Nell is a coach who puts you at the centre of the issue, and gives you supportive space to make your own decisions.​

Kath Wilkinson- Carr

My experience of coaching with Nell is that she is great at holding space, I found her very supportive and she inspired me to accelerate my goals in being a coach and take instant action in areas I thought were in the ditant future.


I feel she is wise beyond her years.​

Ian Cowie

I have gotten to know Nelleke as a vigorous and respectful coach. Whether you are wondering if the path you’re on is the right one or you’re allowing yourself to be lived too much by the demands of the outside world which make you lose yourself along the way.

Nelleke will always bring you back to the essence and your personal drive and motivation. She makes you question the stories you are telling yourself by asking the right questions that make you come out of your comfort zone. Always accompanied by a large dose of honour and respect. With her wisdom, calmness and spiritual nature you feel comfortable and safe around her.

I’ve experienced walking coaching which for me works really good, mostly because being out in nature helps me make light of what feels heavy.

I recommend coaching with Nelleke because she guides you to make the choices that are good for you in a fun and analytical way.


Nelleke has a warm and enthousiastic personality. She listens intently and has enormous amounts of empathy, which makes her a really nice person to talk to.

With a unique combination of infallible intuition and a direct communication style she sees through issues quickly and gives you well pointed feedback to really help you move on.

In a difficult period I’ve had deep conversations with her that I really needed and I’ve grown a lot with the tools she gave me in a short period of time.


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