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Voice Dialogue

The Internal System


The Voice Dialogue method was developed by two American psychologists, Hal and Sydra Stone in de 1970’s. The method assumes that every personality consists of a wide range of individual sub-personalities or energy patterns of selves. Each sub-personality behaves like a real person and has its own beliefs, characteristics, rules, and behaviours. By speaking with individual selves, you are able to discover some of the various roles each self plays in protecting the individual. 


In theory this method is known as the psychology of selves and a session involves an analysis of how selves operate, how they function in a relationship setting, how they influence the choices a person makes, and how they affect the evolution of a person’s consciousness. Common selves include The Perfectionist, The Saboteur, The Carer, The adventurer, The Pleaser and The Inner Critic. Some of them play a huge role in our psyche while others are rarely heard.

In voice Dialogue you learn how to observe our dominant inner selves and get re acquainted with their opposites to bring more balance to our personality. With The Inner Critic it's opposite might be The Coach or The Cheerleader. With The Perfectionist it's opposite might be The Flawed One or The Lazy One. The personal growth that comes with getting to know the different aspects of your psyche will give you the power to consciously chose how to respond to daily events in your life.

If you want to know more about Voice Dialogue you can contact me via my website. If you want to book an appointment you can use the button below.

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