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General Terms and Conditions

These conditions are applicable to all service, quotes and offers of Nelleke Nederveen Coaching.


The nature of our service makes us aware and responsible for the confidential information of you and those close to you. We will handle the information given to us with strict confidentiality at all times both during and after the coaching/counselling journey. Personal information that has been given to us will be processed according the Dutch law for the protection of personal information and will only be used for the coaching/counselling journey and won’t be disclosed to third parties at any time.


Coaching and counselling is given to the best of our abilities, however results (unfortunately)cannot be guaranteed even though the coaching and counselling will be focussed on solutions and results. It is up to the coachee/counselled individual him- or herself to draw conclusions and make decisions after each session, any act or failure to act as a consequence is always a personal risk and accountability. Nelleke Nederveen Coaching is never liable for any direct or indirect damages coming from these decisions and acts that are related to the coaching and counselling journey, unless there is proof of intent and gross negligence.


Appointments can be made by telephone, by text, via the website or by using WhatsApp. By booking an appointment the applicability of these terms are accepted and mentioned in the confirmation. Cancellation of a confirmed appointment can be done without any costs up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. If the confirmed appointment is cancelled within this 48 hour window the full costs of the appointment will have to be paid.


Payment & Prices

The applicable prices for the various coaching and counselling sessions are up to date on the website. These will be mentioned in the confirmation. Billing will be done in name of Nelleke Nederveen Coaching.


All prices on the website are excluded of VAT. Payments must be made before or during the appointment.

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