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Firewalking Ceremony
Arrow Breaking

Firewalking ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years by native tribes all over the world. From Fiji to Surinam and Tibet to Bulgaria, everywhere people have used the power of fire to experience their ability to supernatural deeds.

In a firewalking ceremony, blocks of wood are stacked by the participants and lit in a ritualistic manner. It takes approximately two hours to reduce the wood to coals and in that time the firewalking instructor will take the participants on an arrow breaking journey that prepares them for the actual firewalking.

Firewalking and arrow breaking can be used to enforce intentions, leaving behind old patterns or pain and the closing or start of a new chapter in life, but whatever the reason you can be sure that the energy generated by the event will assist you on your journey. Whether you are religious or not fire has a strong attraction on everyone. The power it represents and the light it shines fills you with a sense of mysticism and it will fuel your intentions and motivate you to reach your goals and manifest your dreams.

If you want to book a firewalking ceremony for a group or a business you can contact me by using the contact button below. You can also use this button to get more information about firewaling and arrow breaking.

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