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Systemic Constelations for Businesses

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The systemic principle states that an organization is an orderly whole of mutually dependent parts that influence each other continually. It is important to realize that the service or product that the organization delivers to the customers is non-essential in systemic thinking, it is about the laws and principles that govern it.

A systemic constellation is a systemic method to fathom disturbances in an organization. It provides insight into not directly visible relationships and contexts that disrupt the system. In systemic constellations we look for the reason why the disturbance is there. One example could be that two departments don’t work together well; another could be that an organization has a high percentage of sick leave.

​Whenever a certain issue, problem or challenge keeps coming up and the why can’t be answered on an operational level, a systemic constellation can be an excellent tool for further investigation. Because a systemic constellation digs deep it provides new insights that inspire right action. All systems naturally seek to work and operate in a healthy manor and constellations will provide the answers that can help its management to course correct and intervene where necessary.

Systemic constellations can also be used to help start-ups in implementing and executing their vision and mission statements; it can provide valuable insights for companies that are merging and help secure healthy growth for expanding businesses.

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