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When Corona was just a beer

Today I’m reading about the new regulations that have been set up in the ongoing corona crisis and a sense of dread boils up inside of me. Since March we have been placed in a situation where normal physical contact and social interacting have been prohibited and this affects our mental and emotional health. Collectively we are starting to realise that the old normal might never return and this makes us short fused, fearful of the future, unable to experience joy and happiness and overall a lot less capable and robust to deal with everyday life.

No matter where you stand in the current situation right now we are all being asked to deal with our challenging emotions and investigate our thought patterns. With no way out of this crisis and months of ongoing restrictions and regulations it is important to sit with how this situation is affecting us and how we can deal with all of it in a healthy way.

I wistfully remember a beautiful day I spend with friends last year when I ordered a Corona while lazily lying on the beach. It all felt so natural and normal to be out and about, chatting, dancing and swimming. I hope I get to experience this again in the years to come and I consciously bring back the feeling of happiness and warmth to dissipate the melancholy.

In these times it is normal to get caught up in heaviness and waves of emotions and I invite you to take the time that is needed to process it all. I also feel that it’s important to consciously steer our thoughts towards positive things. To count your blessings a few times each day, to look for positive things that happen around you each day. You can go into nature and see how the earth is still enjoying her cycles as the world is standing still. You can look for solutions and possibilities when it comes to social interactions, call your family and friends often and share your day, talk about all the fun times you’ve had together and cherish those memories, sign up for an online workshop, have video calls with a group of friends on the weekend and when you feel stuck you can call in the help of a professional.

Most of all I hope that we can keep taking care of each other. That we can rise above our differences in views and convictions and have enough heart to recognise that we do not have to agree with each other in order to take care of one another. For me this crises is an invitation to see and meet each person, no matter what they believe. Only then will we have actually gained something when Corona goes back to just being a beer.

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