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Live: right here, right now

I’m writing this blog sitting on my bed with a piece of toilet paper stuffed into my left nostril to stop the snot from dripping all over my laptop. The bed is not even my own bed, it is, the bed in the guest bedroom at my friend’s house that they very kindly offered me to use while I’m building a new life in a different country. My throat is scratchy, I have a headache, my muscles are aching, but in spite of my bodily misery I feel very inspired to write a blog, work on my website and edit my social media profiles.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for days, but felt lackluster about the topics that came to mind. I wanted my blog to be something people could relate to, to have depth and meaning and leave people reflecting on the topic, but all I have at the moment is the flu and an updated website. As I’m sniffling and struggling to drink tea with a piece of paper sticking out of my nostril, I realize that my inner critic has stepped onto the stage and is reciting a whole list of reasons why I’m a complete inadequate failure. I’ve paired him up with my inner cheerleader so after stopping the downpour of negativity I’m treated to a high energy, very inspiring stream of motivation and celebration of all I’ve achieved today. I’m grateful and proud of the way I’ve grown in balancing my inner selves, but find myself still staring at an empty WORD document.

Suddenly it hits me that maybe this blog doesn’t need to be deep, meaningful and perfect for my readers. Maybe sharing an honest story about where I am is enough? Not every day is a day for reaching goals that you have set. Some days not doing anything, or

failing to do the stuff on your To Do list is more than enough. We are human beings after all and not human doings. And if that is the case maybe by writing this down, I can inspire someone else to give themselves permission to be enough today, right where they are.

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Sending you healing, also the last sentence pretty much what I needed to remember 🙏

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