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Regression - therapy

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In regression therapy you are brought back unprocessed experiences and traumas. This is done by bringing you in a state of relaxation and light hypnoses. Most of the time you will go back to events that have shaped you in this life and possibly restrain you in developing your potential or yourself in a healthy way.

It can however also occur that you are brought back to an experience in a previous lifetime. For some this might be hard to believe, especially if you do not believe in the possibility of reincarnation.

From personal experience I can state that the memory that comes up always interfaces with the current problems in your life. We can safely say that, even if it is a story made up by our creative brain, there is still a lot of valuable information to extract and clear parallels to be made that can help you further along your path in life.

If you want more information about the possibilities of regression therapy or information about booking a session you can request an intake by using the button below.

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