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Links to books and websites with relevant information about my skills


Dutch websites:

Algemene informatie

Life Coaching

English books:

Coaching for Performance - Sir John Whitmore (book on Professional Coaching)

It's OK not to be OK - Megan Devine (book on how to deal with grief after the loss of a loved one)

The new Psycho-Cybernatics - Maxwell Maltz (book on the science of self-improvement)

Supercoach - Michael Neill ( book with 10 questions that transform your life)

Breathwork - therapy

Book in Dutch and English:

Holotropic Breathwork - Stanislav Grof 

Family - constellations

Shamanic Rituals

Interview in English with Sandra Ingerman, the authority when it comes to training people in the use of shamanic rituals.
Notes: "Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, and Ceremony"  The wound is the best place for the light to enter your being, and it may take the work of a shaman to help you fully heal. Sandra Ingerman, a shamanic healer, reveals the importance of soul retrieval for repairing of one’s being. She discusses the nature of the soul, how it can become fractured over many reincarnations, and how we are protected in moments of trauma. This is not just something we need individually, but the world is experiencing a collective loss of soul. As we undertake our own healing, we affect global soul retrieval.

English Article on healing with the use of Shamanic rituals.

Regression - therapy

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